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Unleash Your Potential: Rise Above Challenges and Inspire Greatness.
Unleash Your Potential: Rise Above Challenges and Inspire Greatness.


About us

Hello and welcome to ,Here you can find quite rare and beautiful antique pieces of art for yourself, as a gift for your friends and relatives, as well as for interior decoration, giving it originality and exclusivity.

Our store presents only original antique figurines of famous and not very (but no less valuable) European porcelain manufactories.

We guarantee the authenticity of the entire range presented, as well as the fact that our prices will always be the most favorable for you.

All our figurines are cleaned of impurities using ultrasound.

The packaging of figurines is carried out exclusively reliably, using modern packaging materials. We do not use newspapers, old towels, clothes and other rubbish. The packaging of each figurine is carried out according to the "matryoshka" principle - a box in a box, with the obligatory formation of an intermediate cushioning layer between the outer box and the box with the figurine itself. When sending heavy and bulky figurines, a tare crate or solid wood tare is additionally used.


We guarantee that we will pay you full insurance compensation in case of damage to the goods during transportation (if the insurance was paid by you in advance). In our entire history, we have not lost a single item and not a single item has been damaged in transit .

We value you, your time and your money - we are always ready to provide professional advice on the most profitable delivery method for you and the need for shipment insurance.

We are VERY interested in that your order would arrive in integrity and safety.